About Us

Fashion Colours Trading Est., operating in Dubai since 1996 and part of group of companies working in Middle East & Africa consist of the following:

  • Al Diyafah Medical Equipment’s –Dubai, U.A.E
  • Al Diyafah Group of Pharmacies-Dubai, U.A.E
  • Alwan Almoda Cosmetics Trading L.L.C, Dubai, U.A.E
  • Adil Mahjoub International Company LTD-Khartoum-Sudan
  • Mega Pharma Company-Khartoum, Sudan

Our Main field is cosmetics, paramedical, food supplements & pharmaceuticals.

We represent companies in different part of the world.

We are the original distributor of Andy (Denmark),Navarro (France), UKB (Turkey),Mete Et Plastic, Hello Kitty, Ear’s &Studex Sensitive Earring from USA, Activilong Hair Care Cosmetics from France&Nuby baby care products from US.

Vision :

To be one of the leading contributors in developing life style & wellbeing of mankind in the region.

Mission :

Through our committed and firm strategy to look for the best quality of goods and with the guidance of our highly qualified management team and talented staff we strive to give the expected services from us by our clients.

Financial :

The Company runs business for the past 20 years with healthy financial statement with over AED 300,0000/- turnover for Middle East market, with a plan of growth % for the coming 2-m years to 20 to 30% by means of entering in new ventures with leading companies for Hair Beauty & Cosmetics field.

We bring our experience, service with employee strength above 100 and tremendous inventory to customers across Middle East. More than 10,000 of exponentialmodels of Hair Accessories & Ear’s Sensitive Earrings making us one of the region's largest Hair care beauty accessories Retailers & Whole Sellers in the Middle East.

Fashion Colours Hair Accessories, has earned its fine reputation for design, quality, great customer service, and, most importantly, for providing the highest quality of hair beauty accessories & cosmetics which is available today in Middle East.

Marketing & Distribution Network :

We operate through scientific marketing plan following the latest marketing strategy and planning with direct supervision and observation by our talented team with the support and cooperating with our principals.

The marketing team consist of 45 peoples includes Marketing Manager, Supervisor, Sales Executive’s etc.

Our exclusive line of Fashion Colours hair beauty accessories & cosmetics can be found in higher end department stores, independent drug stores, prestigious retailers, and beauty cosmetic shops nationwide.

Distribution network through our well established and equipped team consist of 10 delivery vans & 8 small vehicles and over 8 people are operating in distribution & delivery.

Our Clients & Customers Net work :

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